18.10.2021 Die Insel – french doors

For our project “die Insel” we’ve designed individual frames for each glass partition wall. Custom build – work in progress. Thanks to “Schreinerei Graf”. Material: “Baubuche Pollmaier” black stained.

25.08.2021 radius S14d

Prototyping our new designed floor lamp called radius s14d. Fabricated from only two steel tubes, 12mm Ø – just enough to take the cabling. The lamp will be produced in a small limited series (25 pc.) It’ll be available soon. (On demand only – claus@bueroplasz.de)

08.08.2021 Wardrobe bar

Design of minimalist wardrobe bar. Prototyping in progress Made of Ø 12 mm bended steel tube

02.06.2021 Wrapping up

30.11.2020 Salon S

Mock-Up of counter, tracing the dimensions on the floor of our studio

23.09.2020 Salon S.

Small project – radical intervention. More to come soon.

30.08.2018 Concrete Bench

Design study for a client: The bench will be fabricated of concrete and steel. Using prefab concrete blocks makes things easy.

27.10.2017 RADIUS lamps








New on the list: “Radius” a series of lamps. Make it simple: bent steel tubes, black powder coated, custom sizes, variety of fixtures such as wall, ceiling, table, floor.

28.03.2016 Ceiling Lamps called Radius





New in the studio! We are just prototyping a series of ceiling lamps which are handcrafted thanks to a team from ERZGEBIRGE. The fixtures are hand painted with several layers of glossy black pr white paint (we are thinking of other colours too). The height of this model is around 820mm.


22.03.2013 Praxis WB Plüderhausen

Empfang Kopie


Refurbishment of an existing doctor´s practise. Contract included new entrance area such as counter, storage cabinets and archive.

20.03.2013 “Q03” stool in the “Neues Museum Weimar”

L1020959 my die

L1030198 my die

L1020666 my die

Our especially designed stool “My_Die” prepared to be used in the exhibition “Leidenschaft, Funktion und Schönheit” (“Passion, Function and Beauty”) in the Neues Museum Weimar

06.12.2012 FHT

L1020527 fht


L1020531 fht

Just arrived from Vienna – these are the segments for a double sided bench, designed for OC-S practise. Segments are made of plywood with an Oak layer on top

28.09.2012 FHT Sitzbank





Entwurf einer Sitzbank. Das auf Form verleimte Doppelsitzbank-Profil wird für uns in Wien hergestellt, Oberfläche: gebleichte Eiche. Das Tragegestell wird nach Zeichnung lasergeschnitten und besteht aus Edelstahl. Die Form wurde so konstruiert, dass aus einer einzigen 8mm Edelstahlplatte mit der Grösse 1250×1750 mm alle 10 Spanten für zwei Bänke von insgesamt 8m Länge, geschnitten werden können.

04.06.2012 Eiermann “reused”



Furniture design for medical practices.  Using the high desk of famous Eiermann series for inspiration, we have designed a movable waste management system for the various doctor´s practices that are currently in our pipeline. This one will go to “Praxis Drs. WB”. More to come soon.

05.12.2011 New stool: “Q03”


We have been looking for a stool for different projects that are currently in the works. We liked the “IKEA Benjamin”, but – unfortunately – this project is no longer available. …Mayday – Mayday…

So we took the chance and designed our own product. “my_die” will be made of just 2 pieces: a laser cut,  folded iron sheet and a piece of plywood, just fitted together, no fixtures. Finish: powder-coating, colours on demand.

Do not copy _ product registration and  and patent application are on the way.

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