20.12.2015 Original Hockey Hall of Fame





Layouts for the wall panels of the new Hockey Hall of Fame Museum. These images will be printed directly on brushed aluminium.




09.10.2015 Original Hockey Hall of Fame





Drawings for exhibit system, showing the combination of wall panels and cases. The steel bases for the cabinets (spray painted glossy white MDF) are welded and waiting for installation on site.



17.05.2015 Original Hockey Hall of Fame

Hockey Hall of Fame Kingston

We have just started developing the graphics for the exhibition showing the members of the “Original Hockey Hall of Fame”, at the new museum in Kingston, Ontario Canada. This graphic is a sample of the back walls which will be printed on large brushed aluminum panels.

25.03.2015 Hockey Hall of Fame


ohhof floorplan

ohhof display1

“Hockey Hall of Fame, Kingston Ontario”.  Originally founded by the National Hockey League and the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association on September 10, 1943, a new home is being created for this important Canadian collection. Kingston’s International Hockey Hall of Fame and Museum is the “Original Hockey Hall of Fame” and the oldest sports hall of fame in Canada. In partnership with Lowell Cochrane of Show Communications, we will design the new facilities for the Museum.

More to come soon.

24.05.2012 WB treatment space


Using design to improve cancer patient care. Furniture design for oncology patients? You may think that is strange idea but It´s not. We used a combination of Eames meets IKEA to improve patient comfort in the cancer clinic. We created furniture that improved patient’s physical comfort while under going treatments. The clinic itself will serve around 22 patients simultaneously.

04.05.2012 Hockey Hall of Fame



Graphics for a concept for Hockey Hall of Fame in Kingston, Canada. A collaboration with Lowell Cochrane Show Communictaions

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