03.04.2021 Haag_new logo

new logo

07.02.2020 CHEMampere

Sustainable Chemical Production with Electricity. 
University of Stuttgart establishes research initiative CHEMampere. The concept of the new Stuttgart Research Initiative is based on the use of electricity from renewable sources, such as wind and solar, to activate the aforementioned ubiquitous non-fossil raw materials CO2, H2O, O2, and N2. The research initiative focuses on three electrical production technologies: Plasma Technology, Electrolytic Processes and Electrically Heated Reactors.

We have been working on corporate design issues and are currently designing the logo and a set of icons for CHEMampere

18.11.2019 BioEco Graphics

Corporate Identity für BioEco – Vorkonzept

30.08.2019 Wort- Bildmarke AlliES

Entwicklung einer Wort- Bildmarke für AlliEs, Universität Stuttgart

20.08.2019 LetUsStart

15.02.2019 Seasons Pharmacy Corporate

Development of the corporate identity of Seasons Pharmacy. More to come soon.

16.02.2018 Nieren- u. Gefäßdruckzentrum



signaletiklogo NGZ




Working on the design development of the corporate design issues for our client NGZ-Kiel


29.12.2017 Lisa´s

lisa vizal

lisa vizal logo screen

Starting a new business an we have been in charge to help with corporate stuff

20.02.2017 FEI



fei marke

Corporate Design and logo development for “Forschungs- und Entwicklungsinstitut für Industrie- und Siedlungswasserwirtschaft sowie Abfallwirtschaft e.V. Stuttgart” (FEI).

The most important topic for FEI researchers is liquid; including water and waste water. Hence, a simple icon of a tube became the leading design idea. By overlapping images of a couple of tube icons we created a special font to form the initials F, E and I. The form, grown out of the overlapped tubes in the corners of FEI, is iconic and will be used as the background container of the FEI Logo. Such a dead simple idea – we love it! The font that we used for the characters “e.V.” is VAG, which has a similar design approach as the FEI “tube” characters.

More to come soon.



30.11.2016 Deponieforum






Design development for “Deponieforum” a yearly held event organised by the “Ministerium für Umwelt, Klima und Energiewirtschaft Baden-Württemberg” and “Universität Stuttgart, Lehrstuhl für Abfallwirtschaft und Abluft”



22.05.2016 Bioabfallforum

BAF Container

baf 2

baf 1

baf 4

160510 Save_Flyer_4Seiten-1

Working on the relaunch of the corporate identity of Bioabfallforum.



20.01.2016 Welcome Dinner









Design of the new logo and corporate identity for “Welcome Dinner” for Department IV, a division of the Central Administration of the University of Stuttgart

26.04.2014 NanoBioMater


nanobiomater cluster

nanobiomater bild

Brand and Logo Development for a joint venture of researchers on a cross-faculty and interdisciplinary basis at Stuttgart University, dealing with Nano Biology Materials.

23.10.2013 contactUS! University of Stuttgart

contact us L1040011



contact us logo

contact us

Logo development, corporate design and implementation of first print products for “contact US!” a department of the University of Stuttgart

29.07.2013 ARENA2036


ARNEA2036 Sub


11.01.2013 Cochrane Show Communications


LCSC_logo reds

Redevelopment of the Corporate Design of “Show Comunications” a design firm and good friends in Kingston, Ontario.

29.09.2012 OC S Logo



Logo-Entwicklung für ein Team von Orthopäden und Chirurgen mit gemeinsamer Praxis. Eröffnung Januar 2013.

07.07.2012 diamonds new logo


Logo development for a night club in Sudbury, Canada

03.11.2011 Corporate Identity Advancement



Along the Corporate Design guideline that we recently developed for the COULSON in Sudbury, CAN, a new website has been implemented. Key features: Marketing both, the rental apartments and the entertainment section with Nightclub, Bars and Restaurants. First time ever: A joint venture project, featuring 20 year old Carl Laemmle for art direction and coding.


30.12.2010 The Coulson Corporate Identity

Currently we are working on the development of the Corporate Identity for the “COULSON Block”, Ontario CAN

28.07.2010 UniverCity – brand development




18.02.2009 Lewis Cleaners


Relaunch of the corporate identity of a Canadian dry cleaning business. We designed the company´s new logo, including a new color code, stationary and website

17.10.2008 Northern Uniform




We redevelopped the Corporate Design for our client Northern Uniform, a big privately owned Canadian company providing premier uniform rental and dirt control solutions to companies all over Canada. The contract includes implementation of the new design for company vans, tractors & trailers, stationery, business cards, adds etc. A new color code was also part of the job

29.07.2008 Praxis Farbkonzept




Corporate identity development for a medical practice. Job includes artwork for logo, guidance system, internet presence, graphic- and interior design, colour concept.

Entwicklung einer Corporate Identity für eine Arztpraxis. Bestandteile des Auftrags sind der Entwurf des Logos, Leitsystem, Graphik-Design, Gesamtgestaltung der Ausstattung und Farbkonzept.

08.03.2008 ZINC Projects Logo Redesign


ZINC Projects team members are creative and one-of-a-kind, and the logo on their business cards should reflect their individuality. We strongly believe in the strength of a strict corporate identity, but how can this approach also provide an opportunity to reveal the individual? This presented a significant challenge in redesigning the logo.

Our solution was to develop a guideline that allowed each team member to create their own versions using colour and matching background pictures.”

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