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16.11.2007 AT&T award for ScienceSouth

The AT&T Foundation — the corporate philanthropy organization of AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) — has announced that it has awarded $24,850 to ScienceSouth, a Pee Dee based science education nonprofit. ScienceSouth will use grant funds to create self-guided outdoor science and technology programs that will be accessible through a wireless Internet connection at its 35-acre site. “ScienceSouth has a unique vision of a learning center,” said Florence Mayor Frank Willis. “AT&T’s support of that vision is an important signal of the significance of this project to Florence and the Pee Dee region.”

15.11.2007 ScienceSouth $500.000 check

“With our young peoples’ educations playing such an important role in the future, we must make sure that we are affording our students with viable opportunities for them to compete in the growing field of high technology. Throughout the past years, there has been an organization which allows our students to study in more depth the many wonders of mathematics, technology and the sciences. That organization is ScienceSouth. ScienceSouth’s mission to “inspire, educate and entertain,” certainly holds true to the many wonderful things that they are doing with not only our young students, but with our teachers as well.

Much success has been seen in many of the different programs that they offer. Whether it is their mobile science lab, summer camps or simply their school-district-partnerships, kids are beginning to take a new liking to the different sciences and math. It is my hope that these newly sparked interests will propel many of our students to plan a career in science, engineering or even medicine.

Today was a very special day for the entire ScienceSouth organization. Earlier today, we honored the 100,000th participant of the ScienceSouth program.

Because of the many contributions that ScienceSouth has made and will continue to make, the state of South Carolina has decided to invest and reinvest in this very successful organization. I am proud to report that at today’s ceremony, I presented ScienceSouth, on behalf of the State of South Carolina, with a CHECK FOR $500,000. This money will go to further train and educate our teachers and students in a science-based curriculum.

I look forward to the many wonderful things that ScienceSouth will continue to do for our students, teachers and the entire Pee Dee region.
Once again, if I can ever be of any assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours very truly,

Hugh K. Leatherman
South Carolina Senator
District 31, Florence and Darlington Counties


08.11.2007 Program development


ZINC Projects currently works for ScienceSouth outreach. Our education programs are credible and innovative, and are built upon national curricula and standards.

We use a holistic approach to develop learning strategies to bridging subject areas. We integrate scientific disciplines and technology and connect them to everyday life. Programs including applied mathematics, rocketry, robotics, astronomy, energy, and life sciences.

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