28.01.2008 ScienceSouth Phase III Vision

Artists Impression Phase III © 2007 Claus Lämmle


“Wire Model Phase III” © BNY Architects

In spring 2008 ScienceSouth will open the Phase II temporary facility on site. It will enable the organization to introduce on-site family and community programs. Currently wa are working for an operating and business plan for Phase Three, a 66,000 square foot facility “ScienceSouth Center”.

Illustrationen zur Visualisierung des Gesamtprojekts. Auftraggeber ScienceSouth Board, Florence South Carolina. Wir arbeiten zur Zeit gemeinsam mit ZINC Projects am “detailed design development” für das Center, das ca. 2010 eröffnet werden soll.

19.01.2008 ScienceSouth “construction site”

Picture (Jan 08) © 2008 ontarioheli.com

ScienceSouth progress of construction work. (pic. December 2007)

The design of the Sprung building alone is a lesson in science and technology. The Sprung structure consists of an aluminum frame, insulated cross section and an architectural membrane. The structure has been developed to withstand wind, fire, snow, and just about any menace that nature can deliver.

The aluminum frame showcases the strength, lightness, and simplicity of aluminum as a building material. Aluminum has an indefinite life expectancy and actually increases in strength with age because aluminum does not suffer from the corrosion inherent in steel structures. In addition, aluminum is 100% recyclable with no loss of quality. The material in the insulated cross section is a formaldehyde free fiberglass blanket. It is the only such formaldehyde free product available in the world. The result is a building that has excellent safety and energy conservation properties. Having a properly insulated structure is important in reducing energy costs.

“The building itself is energy efficient, movable, and able to withstand forces of nature,” Project Manager Perry Gauthier said. “This unique structure will be the perfect setting for the unique activities we’ll be offering.”

19.01.2008 ScienceSouth Future Development


Currently we are working on a “Strategic Feasibility Study” for the future of ScienceSouth urban development. Together with ZINC Projects we try to find a solution to pool 3 potential projects in the area together.

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