29.07.2008 Praxis Farbkonzept




Corporate identity development for a medical practice. Job includes artwork for logo, guidance system, internet presence, graphic- and interior design, colour concept.

Entwicklung einer Corporate Identity für eine Arztpraxis. Bestandteile des Auftrags sind der Entwurf des Logos, Leitsystem, Graphik-Design, Gesamtgestaltung der Ausstattung und Farbkonzept.

11.07.2008 Science Village Interior



Science Village, Timmins – Interior Design Development, 1st step: Definition of general approach

Currently we are working on the design development of a Science Center in a heritage building downtown Timmins, Canada. The challenge: Create a variety of useable spaces for programs that create visual interest and pique curiosity. Recommend a layout which facilitates ease of operation and building functionality.

The proposal is based on the use of a track system to create up to five distinct activity zones for main floor of facility. Using a ceiling mounted track system – partitions can be freely moved and rearranged to create distinct zones.

Advantages: • Curtains can be configured to create zones in different locations and zones of different sizes. Two track system allows overlay of different materials • Temperature control of main entrance can be achieved. • Creates visual interest and makes the space feel larger by making parts of the facility visible and hiding other areas • Can be used as signage system to label workshops and activities • Provides acoustic and visual barriers enabling several programs to be running at one time. • The partitions can be composed of a variety of materials and can be sued for a number of purposes.

09.07.2008 Studio – No Comment



02.07.2008 Science Village “Identifier”



The “i-man” as part of the new Science Village logo that we are currently developing, works as an identifier. It´ll be used for signage and 3D objects like give-aways etc.

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