22.03.2013 Praxis WB Plüderhausen

Empfang Kopie


Refurbishment of an existing doctor´s practise. Contract included new entrance area such as counter, storage cabinets and archive.

20.03.2013 “Q03” stool in the “Neues Museum Weimar”

L1020959 my die

L1030198 my die

L1020666 my die

Our especially designed stool “My_Die” prepared to be used in the exhibition “Leidenschaft, Funktion und Schönheit” (“Passion, Function and Beauty”) in the Neues Museum Weimar

19.03.2013 Leidenschaft Funktion und Schönheit

L1020930 neues museum

L1020943 neues museum

L1020647 neues museum

L1020946 neues museum

L1020800 neues museum


L1020925 neues museum

central table

Press conference, a few days before opening of the exhibition “Leidenschaft, Funktion und Schönheit – Henry van de Velde´s Beitrag zur Europäischen Moderne” in the “Neues Museum” in Weimar. As exhibition designers we designed the general layout of the exhibition, the cabinetry, colours, and exhibition graphics.

08.03.2013 Portrait Henry van de Velde

van de velde

Custom graphic design.  Yes, we have created a new portrait of Henry van de Velde which will be part of the Corporate Design of the exhibition “Leidenschaft, Funktion und Schönheit – Henry van de Veldes Beitrag zur europäischen Moderne. The exhibition will be open to the public from March 24th in the “Neues Museum Weimar” as part of the “Van de Velde year 2013″.  We are also excited to announce, that we will be responsible for the execution of this exhibition´s second phase – September 2013 – in Brussels.

03.03.2013 Leidenschaft, Funktion und Schönheit





Countdown is running – only 20 days left to fit out the Henry van de Velde exhibition in the “Neues Museum Weimar”

Opening March 23rd

01.03.2013 Leidenschaft, Funktion und Schönheit


screenshot01 screenshot02 screenshot03 screenshot04

Corporate Design, exhibit system and graphics of the exhibition


01.03.2013 Counter / last stage


Only a few days until opening. The new counter for a doctor´s practice – built of CORIAN – will be polished to perfection

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