Who we are?
Nice. Eager to please. We’re easy to work with. More often than not, we’ll go the extra mile…without having to be asked. Because we believe in our projects and the goals of what we are trying to achieve. More often than not, it pays off in the end.

We are, where the energy of art production, education, curatorial practice and social interaction fuse to create a vital space and an environment of exchange.

Comfortable in both traditional and new media, we employ a fertile approach to every project; from art to illustration, exhibition- and interior design. And we really enjoy creating platforms for sociability, play and cultivating consciousness.

Integral to our studio practice is ongoing research in new media technologies and new configurations of learning. We work on projects, that collectively question or challenge the social, political, educational and economic systems we live in.

We travel the world and work with a strong network of partners on projects to advance our clients vision, everywhere – but we carefully consider each project we undertake and focus our efforts on projects where our skills and experiences will have the greatest impact.

We try hard to make a habit of trying hard, which of course means that sometimes we are at risk. This is where the real creativity lies. We learn as we go and we like getting things done. We of course like to make money, but we also like doing the right thing for the right people, regardless of budget concerns. In the first place art and design is passion, not money.

We tend to be classicists, if there is such a thing. We guess we’ve still got a long way to go, and yet, we’ve come a long way already. We’re not the most serious of fellows, but just like everybody, we’d like to be taken seriously. Somewhat seriously.

Sometimes, we’re totally wrong. More often than not we’re totally right. Lots of times, we try really hard to find the right answer to whatever question you’re asking.

We’re pretty good at trying hard!

Claus Lämmle