23.11.2021 TWOSE IceCoreTheatre

Work in progress – final design development for the new exhibit at TELUS

23.11.2021 BioEco

We just were invited, to develop a concept for a temporary exhibition for Baden-Württemberg at BUGA 2023

23.11.2021 TWOSE IceCoreTheatre

View of the construction site – construction has just begun

22.10.2021 Q03 – black beauty

Just finished an all black version of our stool “Q03” (on special request). Black powder coated aluminium frame / black painted oak multiplex. …Call it black beauty?

18.10.2021 Die Insel – french doors

For our project “die Insel” we’ve designed individual frames for each glass partition wall. Custom build – work in progress. Thanks to “Schreinerei Graf”. Material: “Baubuche Pollmaier” black stained.

18.09.2021 Die Insel

Short before interior installations.

12.09.2021 radius

First prototype of the new “radius” floor lamp, minimal number of worksteps, minimal number of parts:
1st: Steel tube Ø 12 mm, bended 2 times.
2nd: Steel tube Ø 36 mm, welded
3rd: S14d Socket.
Finish: Black powder coated

02.09.2021 die Insel

Three custom designed wall covers for the bespoke office project – digital print.

25.08.2021 radius S14d

Prototyping our new designed floor lamp called radius s14d. Fabricated from only two steel tubes, 12mm Ø – just enough to take the cabling. The lamp will be produced in a small limited series (25 pc.) It’ll be available soon. (On demand only – claus@bueroplasz.de)

24.08.2021 relaunch corporate design

23.08.2021 instagram name tag

22.08.2021 TWOSE IceCoreTheatre

08.08.2021 Wardrobe bar

Design of minimalist wardrobe bar. Prototyping in progress Made of Ø 12 mm bended steel tube

04.08.2021 mission statement

05.06.2021 TWOSE IceCoreTheatre

New project in Edmonton, Canada. More to come soon!!

02.06.2021 Wrapping up

04.04.2021 Die Insel

Design development, floor layout and colour concept for a 21st century office space, called “die Insel”, meeting- and relax area placed in the center.

03.04.2021 Haag_new logo

new logo

02.04.2021 drywall !!!

That is it

08.03.2021 Lehrauftrag SS2021

Sommersemester 2021, Lehrauftrag “Farbe+Material” an der Fakultät Innenarchitektur und Gestaltung der Hochschule Coburg.

26.02.2021 Office Space “die Insel”

Working on the design development and overall design concept for a new office space for a new client. More to come soon

09.01.2021 Zwangspause?

Und – wie geht’s euch?

11.12.2020 New project!

Starting a new project. Office space, some 250 sqm. – presentation of our choice of materials – working on the pre-concept. More to come soon.

30.11.2020 Salon S

Mock-Up of counter, tracing the dimensions on the floor of our studio

23.09.2020 Salon S.

Small project – radical intervention. More to come soon.

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