28.05.2008 Ecsite Budapest

ecsite-budapest-booth.jpgTogether with our partners from ZINC Projects we joined the Ecsite Conference in Budapest (28.05.08-01.06.08) where we launched our idea of the “the $ 2.5 million Science Center”. Our members Colleen Zilio, Sudbury Canada and Rebecca Crawford, Southampton UK gave presentations in a panel session with the provocative title “Science without Centers”.It is our belief that innovative education projects do not require huge infrastructure. As a result of the panel presentation and exhibition stand, many interested people met with us at the booth and we were pleased to show and discuss three of our current “low budget but high impact” projects.ZINC Projects develops and implements effective projects for smaller centers or capital budgets such as: Mobile science lab based outreach programs, alternative and small science learning centers, Science Festivals. As a team of socially conscious entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers, artists and inventors we focus on delivering effective and economically sustainable projects. By merging social goals with effective business practices we achieve successful, sustainable projects. See www.zincprojects.comOur mission: Facing the challenges of small markets, limited capital resources, geographically or economically isolated populations. Explore alternative approaches to execute science and technology education. Find out how to create high impact science education initiatives with limited capital outlay.

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