ScienceSouth – mission accomplished


Science South is now handed over to the client and open to the public. We are still working with the client to help things running > billboards, advertisements, flyers postcards have to be designed.

Together with our partners from ZINC Projects we are in the design development process for the next step of ScienceSouth (see “projects design” category “ScienceSouth Phase III”).
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ScienceSouth officially opens

Florence, SC, March 26, 2008-Senator Hugh K. Leatherman (R-Dist. 31) and Mayor Frank Willis of Florence will join the ScienceSouth Board and staff to officially open the doors of the new science pavilion located near Freedom Florence on Friday, March 28, 2008.


“ScienceSouth’s workshops are wonderful for families to spend quality time together,” Chairman Cary Ashworth said. “Families who visit the learning pavilion will participate in one or two hour hands-on workshops. We are taking programs that have been so popular with children at schools and adapting them so that children and adults can learn together. New programs will be introduced every six weeks, so families can return again and again to take part in a variety of workshops.”

ScienceSouth “construction site”

Picture (Jan 08) © 2008

ScienceSouth progress of construction work. (pic. December 2007)

The design of the Sprung building alone is a lesson in science and technology. The Sprung structure consists of an aluminum frame, insulated cross section and an architectural membrane. The structure has been developed to withstand wind, fire, snow, and just about any menace that nature can deliver.

The aluminum frame showcases the strength, lightness, and simplicity of aluminum as a building material. Aluminum has an indefinite life expectancy and actually increases in strength with age because aluminum does not suffer from the corrosion inherent in steel structures. In addition, aluminum is 100% recyclable with no loss of quality. The material in the insulated cross section is a formaldehyde free fiberglass blanket. It is the only such formaldehyde free product available in the world. The result is a building that has excellent safety and energy conservation properties. Having a properly insulated structure is important in reducing energy costs.

“The building itself is energy efficient, movable, and able to withstand forces of nature,” Project Manager Perry Gauthier said. “This unique structure will be the perfect setting for the unique activities we’ll be offering.”

ScienceSouth, “construction site”


Spring 2008: ScienceSouth will move from its current base of operation at Roche Carolina into a facility of its own. Envisioned as a precursor to a permanent facility, this building will enable ScienceSouth to start offering programs to families in the Pee Dee region.

“Having a building of our own will enable us to launch new and exciting science and technology workshops families,” Chairman Hood Temple said. “Special thanks go to Congressman James Clyburn, Senator Hugh Leatherman and the City of Florence for their support to make this project a reality.”

The innovative structure is a highly versatile Sprung building. The ground floor of the ScienceSouth facility will be 5000 square feet with an additional 2500 square feet mezzanine office area. ScienceSouth’s new home will be along Jeffries Creek and just north of Freedom Florence. New address will be 1515 Freedom Boulevard, Florence SC (

AT&T award for ScienceSouth

The AT&T Foundation — the corporate philanthropy organization of AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) — has announced that it has awarded $24,850 to ScienceSouth, a Pee Dee based science education nonprofit. ScienceSouth will use grant funds to create self-guided outdoor science and technology programs that will be accessible through a wireless Internet connection at its 35-acre site. “ScienceSouth has a unique vision of a learning center,” said Florence Mayor Frank Willis. “AT&T’s support of that vision is an important signal of the significance of this project to Florence and the Pee Dee region.”

ScienceSouth $500.000 check

“With our young peoples’ educations playing such an important role in the future, we must make sure that we are affording our students with viable opportunities for them to compete in the growing field of high technology. Throughout the past years, there has been an organization which allows our students to study in more depth the many wonders of mathematics, technology and the sciences. That organization is ScienceSouth. ScienceSouth’s mission to “inspire, educate and entertain,” certainly holds true to the many wonderful things that they are doing with not only our young students, but with our teachers as well.

Much success has been seen in many of the different programs that they offer. Whether it is their mobile science lab, summer camps or simply their school-district-partnerships, kids are beginning to take a new liking to the different sciences and math. It is my hope that these newly sparked interests will propel many of our students to plan a career in science, engineering or even medicine.

Today was a very special day for the entire ScienceSouth organization. Earlier today, we honored the 100,000th participant of the ScienceSouth program.

Because of the many contributions that ScienceSouth has made and will continue to make, the state of South Carolina has decided to invest and reinvest in this very successful organization. I am proud to report that at today’s ceremony, I presented ScienceSouth, on behalf of the State of South Carolina, with a CHECK FOR $500,000. This money will go to further train and educate our teachers and students in a science-based curriculum.

I look forward to the many wonderful things that ScienceSouth will continue to do for our students, teachers and the entire Pee Dee region.
Once again, if I can ever be of any assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours very truly,

Hugh K. Leatherman
South Carolina Senator
District 31, Florence and Darlington Counties

ScienceSouth, Temporary Building Phase II

Picture: aerial photography Nov. 2007 (©

ScienceSouth, Florence South Carolina, USA. In the spring of 2008 ScienceSouth will launch family based science and technology programs for the Pee Dee region. To achieve this, ScienceSouth is constructing a 5,000 square foot flexible-use facility on the Jeffries Creek site. This facility will also serve as the base for ScienceSouth’s growing outreach programs: ScienceSouth on Wheels.

A high-tech, tent like insulated textile membrane structure is currently under construction. It will enable the organization to introduce on-site family and community programs and test the operating and business plan for Phase Three, a 66,000 square foot facility “ScienceSouth Center”.

Design development Phase II: © 2007 Claus Lämmle

ScienceSouth – Morning News Online

Morning News Online – Florence, Myrtle Beach | State gives ScienceSouth $500,000 for expansion.

The money given to ScienceSouth will be used to expand the use of ScienceSouth on Wheels, said Colleen Zilio, executive director of ScienceSouth. “This will allow us to double our services to area schools,” Zilio said. Last year the organization delivered hands-on science programs to 13,000 children, teachers and families in the Pee Dee, Zilio said.

ScienceSouth $100.000 grant

Clyburn Earmarks $100,000 for ScienceSouth Outreach Program

(Washington, DC) – ScienceSouth has received nearly $100,000 from the U.S. Department of Education through an earmark secured by Sixth District Congressman James E. Clyburn for the FY 2003-2004 agency appropriation.  The $99,350 grant to the Florence-based science center will be used for science education programming, a traveling exhibit and outreach activities.

The grant will fund ScienceSouth’s program to improve the effectiveness of kindergarten to eighth grade math and science teachers.  This outreach program will provide exciting and effective content enrichment and will feature high-quality mathematics, science and technology programs based on National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) educational resources and Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (Globe) Program.  The goal of the SouthScience outreach program is to improve the persistent problem of low levels of science and math proficiency in the region.

“This innovative program will enable teachers to use creative techniques to get students interested in learning about math and science,” Congressman Clyburn said.  “I commend ScienceSouth for their educational outreach initiatives that will help Pee Dee area students reach their potential in this technology-driven era, and I fully support their efforts.”

The one-year earmark is being administered through the Department of Education’s Fund for the Improvement of Education.