02.11.2010 UniverCity illustrations




Illustrations for the UniverCity Kid´s Campus (Schülerforschungszentrum), University of Stuttgart

22.08.2010 UniverCity – Stuttgart



Within the framework of the “Excellence Initiative 2010″ we are currently working with the University of Stuttgart to develop an institutional strategy to promote Top-Level Research in Stuttgart. Along with developing strategic considerations, our assignment (since October 2009) includes the design development of the “UniverCity”, the development of a corporate identity and corporate design, visuals and presentations on the long way to the final target.
To launch this important initiative we identified the need to revamp the University´s identity. This meant finding a way to communicate the importance of integrative approaches and cultivate interdisciplinary thinking. The idea is to erect a multifunctional transparent “Place” at a central location on the University campus. The name “UniverCity Centre” signifies that it is a gateway for society to access the university and its “Research Campus”.  In addition to its communicative and representative functions it´ll be both “THE” place for the creative exchange of specialist cultures and a source of pride for the University of Stuttgart.
(All pictures artists impressions). More to come soon.

28.07.2010 UniverCity – brand development




20.01.2010 “The FutureConcept”

fc-interio.jpgSorry, still non-disclosure for this project – More to come later. 

12.09.2009 “the FutureConcept”

new-project.jpggrad3.jpgSince October last year we are working on a new long term project: “The Future Concept” is going to be a multi-step development for an important european university.  Our assignment includes the creation of a corporate identity, development of a meeting center, kids research center, faculty club etc. More to come later (we agreed in non-disclosure for the time being)

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