Salon S

It took us more than a year to complete this project. Due to Covid, there were countless delays and setbacks. Now we are on the verge of completion of a fancy reception counter with a golden fabric skirt – test setup in the carpentry shop. Pictures © Kiesewalter Holzwerkstatt

Holiday home

IMG_4638 Schloss Lauterbach

Fresh design for the sophisticated holiday retreat “Wohnung Gretl” at Schloss Lauterbach, Saxony. See more at







fei marke

Corporate Design and logo development for “Forschungs- und Entwicklungsinstitut für Industrie- und Siedlungswasserwirtschaft sowie Abfallwirtschaft e.V. Stuttgart” (FEI).

The most important topic for FEI researchers is liquid; including water and waste water. Hence, a simple icon of a tube became the leading design idea. By overlapping images of a couple of tube icons we created a special font to form the initials F, E and I. The form, grown out of the overlapped tubes in the corners of FEI, is iconic and will be used as the background container of the FEI Logo. Such a dead simple idea – we love it! The font that we used for the characters “e.V.” is VAG, which has a similar design approach as the FEI “tube” characters.

Welcome Dinner


Design of the new logo and corporate identity for “Welcome Dinner” for Department IV, a division of the Central Administration of the University of Stuttgart

ARENA2036 Meet & Greet


State Government, Science and Industry. How things definitely pick up speed!  After designing the corporate identity for ARENA2036 earlier this year,  we were then asked to plan and create the event celebrating of the incorporation of ARENA2036 in Stuttgart.  ARENA2036 just might be the world´s most innovative joint venture: where both the design of the car of the future and its production methods, such as “knitting” bodies with robots, are brought together. The “meet and greet” event was held at a testing facility on the campus of Stuttgart University – more than 150 Vips of the Baden-Wurttemberg State Government, DLR, Fraunhofer Institute, University and industry representatives from Bosch, Daimler, Festo and others. We assisted with obtaining the planing permission and delivered the detailed exhibition design and graphics.

UniverCity – Stuttgart


Within the framework of the “Excellence Initiative 2010″ we are currently working with the University of Stuttgart to develop an institutional strategy to promote Top-Level Research in Stuttgart. Along with developing strategic considerations, our assignment (since October 2009) includes the design development of the “UniverCity”, the development of a corporate identity and corporate design, visuals and presentations on the long way to the final target.
To launch this important initiative we identified the need to revamp the University´s identity. This meant finding a way to communicate the importance of integrative approaches and cultivate interdisciplinary thinking. The idea is to erect a multifunctional transparent “Place” at a central location on the University campus. The name “UniverCity Centre” signifies that it is a gateway for society to access the university and its “Research Campus”.  In addition to its communicative and representative functions it´ll be both “THE” place for the creative exchange of specialist cultures and a source of pride for the University of Stuttgart.
(All pictures artists impressions).

Why Corporate Identity?

Some thoughts about how to take a stand.

Just like individuals, every organisation, company or brand has its own identity. A distinct identity differentiates an organisation from its competitors. It allows customers, suppliers and staff to recognise, understand and clearly describe the organisation concerned. The identity of any organisation is complex. It includes the effectiveness of its services or products, the shared values and ambitions of its employees, the corporate tone of voice and PR profile. Naturally, its visual appearance (or visual identity) plays the key role.

Visual identity manifests itself in many ways. In addition to its logo, typeface and colours, the following all contribute to the impression created by the identity: stationery, marketing literature, buildings, interior design, signage, product design, customer information, vehicles and every aspect of promotional activity from a high-profile advertising campaign to the design of a giveaway.

The detailed management of a visual identity is equally important as the management of other business assets such as finance or human resources. Without a well thought out visual identity guideline, an organisation’s brand perception will be at best diluted, and at worse appear chaotic and unprofessional.

When all of the visual elements of an organisation work together in unity, the investment in its identity is protected and the overall image becomes one of quality and strength.

Northern Uniform


We redevelopped the Corporate Design for our client Northern Uniform, a big privately owned Canadian company providing premier uniform rental and dirt control solutions to companies all over Canada. The contract includes implementation of the new design for company vans, tractors & trailers, stationery, business cards, adds etc. A new color code was also part of the job

Science Village Interior


Design development in progress. The Science Village project will revitalize an existing Downtown Timmins storefront location and turn it into a highly sophisticated “science attraction area”. Restored 19th century copper ceiling meets 21st century design. Approximately 4500 square feet of storefront space will be renovated and fit out to create an energetic and fast paced active learning environment for schools, families and general public. ScienceVillage, Timmins Ont., Canada

Entwicklung der Gesamtgestaltung. Das Science Village Projekt wird ein historisches Gebäude mit Ladenfront in der Innenstadt von Timmins in eine ausgeklügelte Begegnungsstätte für Wissenschaft und Kunst verwandeln. Restaurierte Kupfer-Decken aus dem 19. Jahrhundert treffen auf zeitgenössisches Design. Auf ca. 800 sorgfältig renovierten Quadratmetern wird eine dynamisch-aktive Lernumgebung für Schulen und Familien gestaltet.