18.06.2001 Glasgow Science Centre, Exploration and Discovery



At the beginning of the design process, in particular for interactive rooms, a precise analysis of the conditions has to be performed. First of all, the scientific content, consisting of 4 themes: “Human Biology“ – “Exploring the Space“ – “Foundations of Science“ – “Exploring the River Clyde“.
For the target group “averagely gifted twelve-year olds“ we developed a central theme along the briefing, which is visualised on an initial contemplation level mainly by creating popular images in the form of scenarios. Thus, for “Exploring the Space“, a planet was created, for “Human Biology“ a sports arena, and for the “River Clyde“ a research ship.
Integrated into these scenarios were more than 100 interactive exhibits that, in their appearance, were adapted to the particular scenario. For us, interactive exhibits do not mean “pressing coloured pushbuttons“, but real interaction, i.e. the visitor is integrated into the ongoing process by his actions. Through physical perception of the exhibit, a link is established between contents and effect. Learning by the ‘conceive and touch approach’ is becoming a reality.
Glasgow Science Centre is one of Scotland’s must-see visitor attractions – presenting concepts of science and technology in unique and inspiring ways. Glasgow Science Centre is an independent Scottish Charity (SCO30809) the aims of which are:

• To develop and enhance awareness of educational opportunities surrounding current and future health, science and technology issues;
• To be a socially inclusive and accessible visitor Centre of Excellence;
• To extend all opportunities within the Glasgow Science Centre to as many people as possible, particularly addressing the needs of people of all ages who are socially, cognitively or physically challenged.

11.06.2001 Glasgow Science Centre



In response to a worldwide call for tenders, Hüttinger and their Partner Claus Lämmle was awarded the contract for the conceptual design, engineering and fabrication for the floor “Exploration and Discovery” (1st floor) of the Glasgow Science Centre which was opened to the public at the end of June 2001 by Queen Elisabeth II.
Our part: the visuals for the competition, graphics, color schemes, artwork and art direction. Together with Jochen Hunger from visionville we worked out the concept and the conceptual design of the floor layout.

Pictures: Claus Laemmle

09.06.2001 Glasgow Science Centre Artwork


For the GSC we did some pieces of art which are both fun and science. E.g. a “Mirror Installation”, which reflects something strange. You see yourself or your environment offset in sections. The mirror image of your own body walks by, the head in the row on top of it follows offset by one row, but the legs walk in front.

07.06.2001 Exhibit Design





05.06.2001 Clients´ statement

„An exhibition is hardly a place to educate, but to motivate.“
The core exhibition will be an exhibition of science and technology rather than an exhibition about science and technology. This is a critical distinction as it requires an overall experience that involves interaction with real objects, real processes, real experiments, real phenomena, real people and novel environments. Visitors will be given first-hand experiences rather than second-hand accounts of the products of scientific or technological endeavour as they follow their own paths of exploration and discovery through an exhibition landscape full of engaging, intriguing, delightful and memorable activities.

(Briefing, Dr. Graham Durant)

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