Macau Communications Museum

Communications Museum of Macao: Dare to Experiment, Dare to Discover

The main objectives of the Museum are as follows:
To serve the Macao population, especially primary and secondary students, aiming at stimulating interest in Philatelic Collection, promoting scientific and technical Knowledge of telecommunications, and making it more accessible;
To be a place of interactivity, discovery, experimentation, satisfaction and development of the visitors’ abilities in the field of telecommunications;
To be a place of divulgation of Stamp Collection techniques and of promotion of Macao Philately, both to the Macao population and the tourists that visit the Museum.

The Communications Museum presents exhibitions in two big areas:
POST & PHILATELY Area, integrating artifacts and equipment related to the evolution of the systems and techniques used in long distance communications, the history of Macao Post is displayed, ranging from valuable artifacts to valuable collection of stamps and postal objects.

TELECOMMUNICATIONS Area, interactive and experimental features, equipment related to the history of Macao Post, a set of scientific exhibits related to electromagnetic, electrostatic, direct current, alternate current, telegraph, telephone, broadcasting, information processing as well as analog and digital electronics. These exhibits allow visitors to understand the evolution of the means and technique of communications as well as the front-end technologies.

Along with our partners Hüttinger and Dr. Peter Anderson we were awarded (after a world-wide tender) the contract to design the exhibitions for the Communications Museum of Macau. The museum was opened to the public in March 2006

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