23.07.2019 Lehrauftrag HfG Coburg

Lehrauftrag im Sommersemester 2019 “Farbe im Raum” an der Fakultät Innenarchitektur und Gestaltung der Hochschule für Gestaltung in Coburg. Heute waren die Tischpräsentationen zum Abschluss des Semesters.

22.07.2019 Neulich an der HfG

12.06.2019 New project

Starting soon: We´ve got the contract for the design development of an “office of the future” based in an ancient building. Large light rooms with high ceilings and a client who is open for new ideas.
More to come soon.

31.05.2019 BioEco Baden-Württemberg

BIOECO Konzeptstudie zur Landesstrategie Bioökonomie für die Einbindung der Öffentlichkeit zur besseren Implementierung der Bioökonomie in die Gesellschaft – Motivation zur Änderung des Nutzungsverhaltens“ .

03.05.2019 Nitsche, van de Velde…

“Nitsche, van de Velde und die Moderne um 1900”.  The exciting new exhibition at the Neues Museum Weimar is timed to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus. Based on the philosopher and cult figure Friedrich Nietzsche, the exhibition will present important works of early modernism in Weimar, including pieces by the Weimar Art School and prominent avant-gardists, e.g. Claude Monet and Max Beckmann, who enjoyed the support of Harry Graf Kessler. The exhibition will also present numerous functional and elegant works designed by Henry van de Velde.
Our assignment was to develop the colour palette for the interior walls of this prestigious exhibition. It was important to develop colour combinations true and exact to early modernism. To achieve this we sampled and analysed the colours of most of the original paintings and furniture. Using an NCS colour scanner we found the perfect match of colours to create the colour concept of each room.  Using this twenty first century technology we’ve accurately recreated the mood and emotion of this important design period. Not bad eh?
Exhibition design was made by whitebox from Dresden.

22.03.2019 NGZ Kiel Counter

Counter 1. Obergeschoss
3D Visualisierung © Carl Lämmle
Counter 2. Obergeschoss

Design of several front desks of “Nieren und Gefässzentrum Kiel”. Counters will be built of Multiplex and Plywood

22.02.2019 Seasons Pharmacy

There was an idea to bring healthy food and medicine together. We took part in the development and designed the place in Sudbury, Ontario

Opening planned for April 2019

15.02.2019 Seasons Pharmacy Corporate

Development of the corporate identity of Seasons Pharmacy. More to come soon.

26.12.2018 Happy New Year 2019



29.09.2018 ClimateChangeTheatre

New project: working on the design of the new ClimateChangeTheatre @ Science North, Ontario Canada. Collaboration with Show Communications, Kingston / Canada

10.09.2018 Haus TH

Just started the redesign of a mid 70´s family home – “smally but goody”.
More to come soon.


30.08.2018 Concrete Bench

Design study for a client: The bench will be fabricated of concrete and steel. Using prefab concrete blocks makes things easy.

06.07.2018 Haus MW

new project | family home | sophisticated materials | unexpected solutions | we have been chosen to design the interior.

More to come soon.

02.03.2018 Apollo 17 stage setup



28.02.2018 Haag _ Relaunch Stationary



17.02.2018 Apollo 17 MultiMedia, Edmonton


set apollo 17 edmonton 3

set apollo17 edmonton 1

set apollo 17 edmonton 2



set apollo 17 edmonton 4

Set and stage design for the Apollo Multi Media Theatre in Edmonton, together with Cochrane Show Communications, Kingston. 3D stuff Carl Lämmle

16.02.2018 Nieren- u. Gefäßdruckzentrum



signaletiklogo NGZ




Working on the design development of the corporate design issues for our client NGZ-Kiel


15.02.2018 BioEco

New project: we just have been asked to work on a concept study for the “Landesregierung Baden-Württemberg”. More to come soon.



14.02.2018 Cluster of Excellence 2018

excellence strategy understanding understanding

Title illustration and graphic design for “Understanding Understanding”, Universität Stuttgart / Universität Tübingen, Proposal for a Cluster of Excellence, Excellence Strategy 2018

13.02.2018 AIT loves Schloss Lauterbach



Our long term “experimentation field” Schloss Lauterbach made it to the current issue (01/2018) of AIT, a german architecture and design magazine. Two double pages about the “Wohnung Gretl” our new sophisticated holiday rental apartment and retreat in the countryside. See more at www.schlosslauterbach.com. AIT 01/2018 is available from February 15.

20.01.2018 Alles im Lot

alles im lot

Starting the new year means: balance yourself – 5 new projects in the pipeline

09.01.2018 Holiday home

IMG_4638 Schloss Lauterbach


Fresh design for the sophisticated holiday retreat “Wohnung Gretl” at Schloss Lauterbach, Saxony. See more at www.ferienwohnung.schlosslauterbach.com






01.01.2018 Happy New Year 2018

29.12.2017 Lisa´s

lisa vizal

lisa vizal logo screen

Starting a new business an we have been in charge to help with corporate stuff

22.12.2017 Edmonton: Apollo 17 theatre


apollo 17 floorplan

apollo 17 screenshot scrib

TELUS World of Science Edmonton, Ontario has plans to redesign part of its space gallery. Owning a moon rock from Apollo 17 mission drove us to start the design for an “Apollo 17 multi media theatre” together with Cochrane Show Communication from Kingston. More to come soon.

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