26.02.2009 Praxis Savasman – colour concept




24.02.2009 Praxis Noyan Savasman



Konzeption und Gesamtgestaltung einer Praxis für Frauenheilkunde in Schorndorf. Eröffnung Juni 2009, das Gebäude ist beinahe fertiggestellt. Der Auftrag umfasst neben der Farb- und Materialkonzeption den Entwurf sämtlicher Sonderbauten, die Lichtkonzeption und den Relaunch der Corporate Identity. Die vorherrschenden Materialien des Konzepts sind Bambus, Naturkautschuk, Wollfilz und Messing.

21.02.2009 Lewis Cleaners Website



18.02.2009 Lewis Cleaners Signage


18.02.2009 Lewis Cleaners


Relaunch of the corporate identity of a Canadian dry cleaning business. We designed the company´s new logo, including a new color code, stationary and website

16.02.2009 Atelier: No comment


11.02.2009 ScienceVillage – Joint Forces



Science Village – Muster the forces of the young and the elderly.

Elderly people and young children have at least two things in common: they both have interests in learning and they both have time to devote to it. Why not join forces and bring them together?
Timmins Science Village and Autumnwood, Mature Lifestyle Communities will do just that – bringing children and seniors together in a new-age multigenerational learning center that will take science and technology education to the next level. Goal: Create a learning environment where seniors and children benefit from each other >>> Use life experience, imagination and enthusiasm to connect people of all ages. Currently we are working to create a stunning ambiance for both groups under one roof. …where they will share and collaborate as they solve engineering challenges, build, innovate and have fun together.
The former St. Mary’s Hospital property, located in the heart of downtown Timmins, will be completely transformed to include retirement residential apartments. The plan include a multigenerational learning center called the Science Village.
The Science Village will be an integral part of the complex leading the way in the development of intergenerational learning and will offer hands on science and technology programs to families, seniors, school age and pre-school children.
The concept is to create a network of programs supported by flexible and cost effective infrastructure. The first step in the Timmins ScienceVillage implementation of this will be to revitalize an existing downtown Timmins storefront location that has been closed for many years. 10.000 square feet of storefront space will be renovated to create an energetic and fast paced active learning environment for schools, families and general public. The Science Village will revitalize the downtown core, becoming an economic solution by supporting diversified businesses.

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