25.03.2015 Hockey Hall of Fame


ohhof floorplan

ohhof display1

“Hockey Hall of Fame, Kingston Ontario”.  Originally founded by the National Hockey League and the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association on September 10, 1943, a new home is being created for this important Canadian collection. Kingston’s International Hockey Hall of Fame and Museum is the “Original Hockey Hall of Fame” and the oldest sports hall of fame in Canada. In partnership with Lowell Cochrane of Show Communications, we will design the new facilities for the Museum.

More to come soon.

05.03.2015 Haus Ott – new interior



Kueche HausO




moebel HausO

We present our re-creation of a 80′s style family home. The interior of this house was stripped down to the bare walls and we developed the new floor plan, structure and the interior design. We designed the kitchen with concrete counter top, rope nets for the stairs and all of the custom made furniture.



15.01.2015 Haus Ott – stripped down

Grundriss Haus O


Recreation of a 80′s style family home. Interior of the house was totally striped down, no walls left. Read more about the new interior in a second post.

20.11.2014 MakerSpace booth – ready to go




Booth for University of Stuttgart, ready to go.
The fair will be open to public from November 20th to November 23rd


28.10.2014 MakerSpace booth for University of Stuttgart

messestand01 Kopie messestand04 Kopie MakerSpace Sys Kopie MakerSpace Banner Kopie


Client University of Stuttgart. Concept and design for booth called “MakerSpace” 11,00 x 9,00 m • Messe Hobby&Elektronik 20.-23.11.14, Stuttgart. © 3D images: Carl Lämmle


04.06.2014 ARENA2036 Meet & Greet







State Government, Science and Industry. How things definitely pick up speed!  After designing the corporate identity for ARENA2036 earlier this year,  we were then asked to plan and create the event celebrating of the incorporation of ARENA2036 in Stuttgart.  ARENA2036 just might be the world´s most innovative joint venture: where both the design of the car of the future and its production methods, such as “knitting” bodies with robots, are brought together. The “meet and greet” event was held at a testing facility on the campus of Stuttgart University - more than 150 Vips of the Baden-Wurttemberg State Government, DLR, Fraunhofer Institute, University and industry representatives from Bosch, Daimler, Festo and others. We assisted with obtaining the planing permission and delivered the detailed exhibition design and graphics.



01.05.2014 FAQ ;-)

L1040167sorry no sale

26.04.2014 NanoBioMater


nanobiomater cluster

nanobiomater bild

Brand and Logo Development for a joint venture of researchers on a cross-faculty and interdisciplinary basis at Stuttgart University, dealing with Nano Biology Materials.

18.03.2014 active therapy +




A new brand in Sudbury Ontario. We developed the floor plan of the treatment rooms, interior design details, overall colour concept and the new corporate design for a multi-disciplinary physical therapy clinic.

28.01.2014 New Project: Praxis in Winnenden




beton imi-s


01.01.2014 Happy New Year *Studio 2014

Vita_ohne Schneidemarken

We wish you a Happy New Year 2014

23.10.2013 contactUS! University of Stuttgart

contact us L1040011



contact us logo

contact us

Logo development, corporate design and implementation of first print products for “contact US!” a department of the University of Stuttgart

17.09.2013 Passion, Function, Beauty







The much anticipated exhibition “Henry van de Velde – Passion Function Beauty” in Brussels is now open to the public. According to the reviews by the media this exhibition will be a BIG success. Check out www.rmah.be for details. (thanks to Leica and Chris Pype for amazing bird’s eye view pictures)

08.08.2013 All in – van de Velde in Brussels

Jubelpark Museum 02

Jubelpark Museum 03


A couple of millions of € sitting in the temporary exhibition hall – still in boxes and waiting to be placed for the big Henry van de Velde exhibition, starting September 12th.

01.08.2013 Van de Velde in Brussels




Jubelpark montage


“Henry van de Velde – PASSIE / FUNCTIE / SCHOONHEID”.  Exhibition will open on September 12th at “Koninklike Musea voor Kunst en Geschiedenis” in Brussels, Belgium. We have been chosen to develop both the overall design of the exhibition and the graphics. Some thousand square meters for an exhibition about the revolutionary work of Henry van de Velde.  We are so thrilled to be a part of such a prestigious project especially since we are such strong supporters of Henry van de Velde and his ideas of Modern design at the beginning 20th Century.

Henry van de Velde | KMKG

29.07.2013 ARENA2036


ARNEA2036 Sub


25.06.2013 Ongoing work in Canada




Here is an update on our COULSON project in Sudbury. Pictures show a proposal for a piece of art for the Patio of the Nightclub and the Status Quo of the restaurant on the front right corner of the building.

26.05.2013 Doctor´s practice

Praxis Heigel 02 04


floorplan dr heigel

Short before opening – Pictures: 1. final rendering of the design / 2. that´s how it looks like in reality / final floor plan. Renderings courtesy Carl Laemmle. Practise opened end of May

03.05.2013 wallstreet beautyculture II


L1030143 wallstreetbeautyculture

L1030192 wallstreetbeautyculture Kopie


L1030198 wallstreetbeautyculture

That´s how the practise looks like.

22.04.2013 wallstreet beautyculture

logo wallstreetbeautyculture Kopie

grundriss Kopie

Two beauticians, Claudia Lämmle and Ingrid Wöhrle launched a fresh approach to their esthetics practise. We developed, name, brand, corporate design and the interior design. Hence the shop is based in a street called Wallstrasse, the new brand is wallstreet beautyculture. See www.wallstreetbeautyculture.de

22.03.2013 Praxis WB Plüderhausen

Empfang Kopie


Refurbishment of an existing doctor´s practise. Contract included new entrance area such as counter, storage cabinets and archive.

20.03.2013 “Q03″ stool in the “Neues Museum Weimar”

L1020959 my die

L1030198 my die

L1020666 my die

Our especially designed stool “My_Die” prepared to be used in the exhibition “Leidenschaft, Funktion und Schönheit” (“Passion, Function and Beauty”) in the Neues Museum Weimar

19.03.2013 Leidenschaft Funktion und Schönheit

L1020930 neues museum

L1020943 neues museum

L1020647 neues museum

L1020946 neues museum

L1020800 neues museum


L1020925 neues museum

central table

Press conference, a few days before opening of the exhibition “Leidenschaft, Funktion und Schönheit – Henry van de Velde´s Beitrag zur Europäischen Moderne” in the “Neues Museum” in Weimar. As exhibition designers we designed the general layout of the exhibition, the cabinetry, colours, and exhibition graphics.

08.03.2013 Portrait Henry van de Velde

van de velde

Custom graphic design.  Yes, we have created a new portrait of Henry van de Velde which will be part of the Corporate Design of the exhibition “Leidenschaft, Funktion und Schönheit – Henry van de Veldes Beitrag zur europäischen Moderne. The exhibition will be open to the public from March 24th in the “Neues Museum Weimar” as part of the “Van de Velde year 2013″.  We are also excited to announce, that we will be responsible for the execution of this exhibition´s second phase – September 2013 – in Brussels.

03.03.2013 Leidenschaft, Funktion und Schönheit





Countdown is running – only 20 days left to fit out the Henry van de Velde exhibition in the “Neues Museum Weimar”

Opening March 23rd

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